• Le 20 novembre 2018
  • à 9h30
    Amphi Denis Escande
    IRS-UN 8 quai Moncousu NANTES

Première édition de l'HéMA-Day consacrée aux bases moléculaires et génomiques des thérapies ciblées et de l'immuno-thérapie des lymphomes.

9h30-10h00 Welcome Café croissants and  introduction by the organizing committee
Steven Le Gouill, MD PhD, Presentation of L’HéMA
Anne Lok MD, Medical project
Catherine Pellat, PhD, Scientific project

Session 1 Targeted therapies in lymphoma
Moderators Cyrille Touzeau, MD PhD - Catherine Pellat, PhD
10h00-10h20 Martine Amiot, PhD, Nantes, the Bcl2 network
10h25-10h45 David Chiron, PhD, Nantes, Targeting the mantle cell niche dialog
10h50-11h10 Steven Le Gouill, MD PhD, Overview of targeted therapies in MCL and OASIS trial

Session 2 Immuno-intervention in hematological malignancies
Moderators Emmanuel Scotet, PhD - Patrice Chevalier PU-PH
11h15-11h50 Henri Vié, PhD, Nantes, Adoptive transfer of Chimeric Antigen Receptor- engineered (CAR) T-cells.
11h55-12h30 Bernard Vanhove, PhD, Nantes, Myeloid check point inhibitor
12h35-13h10 Roch Houot, MD PhD, Rennes, Immunological interventions in hematology

13h15-14h15 Lunch, stands

Session 3 Genomics in hematological malignancies
Moderators Yannick Le Bris, PharmD - Stéphane Minvielle, PhD
14h20-15h00 Silvia Bea, PhD, Barcelona, Genomic alterations in lymphoma
15h05-15h25 Benoit Tessoulin, MD, PhD, Nantes, p53 pathway in B-cell malignancies
15h30-16h10 Fabrice Jardin, MD PhD, Rouen, Genomic-based therapy of DLBCL

16h15 Concluding remarks
Hervé Maisonneuve, MD & Philippe Moreau, MD, Head of SIRIC ILIAD
Head of Haematology Departments La Roche Sur Yon, Nantes