• Du 08 September 2016 au 09 September 2016
    Chambre de Chambre de Commerce et d'Industrie de Nantes et de Saint-Nazaire

Bioregate Forum is an biennial European meeting dedicated to the 4R Medicine : Repair, Replacement, Regeneration & Reprogramming. A regenerative medicine forum to highlight latest scientific, technological, clinical & commercialization approaches in the field of cell & gene therapy, stem cells, biomaterials and tissue engineering. Its vocation is to enhance links between researchers, clinicians, industrials and institutional stakeholders such as those responsible for regulation and reimbursement changes, and thus to shorten time to market for the patients benefits.

The 1st edition of Bioregate Forum will be held in Nantes, France and will focus on cell therapy with adult and pluripotent stem cells, cell therapy with biomaterials and cell immunotherapy, with presentations and interactive sessions, led by experts from research and from biotech & pharma industry.

A special session will be dedicated to regulation and business models for these innovative therapies, with speakers from the industry and from the European Committee for Advanced therapies

More informations www.bioregate-forum.com